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About Microsoft Designer

It's never been easier to create eye-catching social posts, beautiful invitations, original graphics, and more on-the-go. Simply type in your idea to get one-of-a-kind design suggestions that meet your needs and are easy to customize for a personal touch.

Design Assistance from start to finish. Designer has all the tools you'd expect to customize your designs just the way you want, plus a few AI superpowers:
·         Generate stunning designs and original images just by typing what you want.
·         Get automatic layout suggestions for anything you add.
·         Make social media sharing effortless by publishing to any social platform in one tap
Turn words into designs
·         From just a short description, Designer can quickly generate original and editable designs, created just for you.
Get help with layouts
·         As you add new elements, Designer provides smart layout suggestions that expertly integrate new elements
Get attention on social media
·         All of your social media platforms are easily accessible to publish your design in one tap
Install Microsoft Designer now to unleash your creative superpowers.

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