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Carnival Gold Coin Party Dozer

Mindstorm Studios
Free (in-app purchases)
4.5 out of 5
1,000,000+ downloads

About Carnival Gold Coin Party Dozer

Are you ready to dive on a fun journey into the world of excitement? Look no further than Carnival Gold Coin Party Dozer, the most addictive coin pusher game available for free! With millions of players already a part of the mania, it's time for you to join the fun. Get ready to relax and push coins while collecting a bunch of free prizes in this addicttive casino-inspired game designed exclusively for adults.
Carnival Gold Coin Party Dozer offers exciting features that will keep you hooked. The addictive gameplay will have you coming back for more as you drop and push coins with realistic physics similar to an actual Jurassic coin pusher. Shake the pusher to get those extra coins! Launch Coin Walls to capture every coin, prize, and puzzle piece on the pusher. And when you're ready for some explosive action, drop the Giant Coin to splash coins and prizes into your hands. Special Coins add unique gameplay features to help you master the coin pusher, and the Mystery Box holds rare prizes waiting to be discovered.
Win awesome rewards and game bonuses. Unlock the casino-themed pusher and try your luck with the slot machine. Spin the wheel of fortune for jackpots and candy rewards, immersing yourself in the thrill of Vegas mania right from your mobile.

Want the highest score in your friends? In your country? In the world? Then upgrade your abilities & you will take your game to a whole new level.
★ Offline Regeneration (reduces the time to regenerate a number of coins when offline)
★ Regeneration Max (increases the maximum number of coins you can generate when offline)
★ Chips Luck (spawns rarer coins on your game table)

How many of the 70 quests can you unlock? Compete with your friends & see who becomes the ultimate COIN EXPLORER first.

Feeling lucky? Head over to the slots & bet gold bars to multiply your rewards. Think you can win the jackpot?!

Got a spin token? Got 10? Spin the fortune wheel & hang on to your seat as the wheel slows down towards your reward.

See how you're doing compared to everyone in our vibrant community. Try to unlock all the achievements to become the ultimate COIN MASTER!

Why are you having all of this fun alone? Invite all of your friends so you can compare scores & send/receive coins.

But that's not all. Carnival Gold Coin Party Dozer takes the excitement to the next level with all-new prizes, casino-themed puzzles, and the chance to win a huge coin bonus and gem payouts in the slot machine. Double your winnings with double-or-nothing spin opportunities and collect letters to spell JACKPOT for another big win. The game is designed to make you feel like a high roller in a Vegas-style casino coin pusher, complete with dazzling light shows and stacks of chips.
Drop gold coins onto the pusher, doze them into a pile, and watch as they teeter on the edge, waiting to be collected. Special coins provide helpful boosts, and puzzle pieces spawn on the machine board, leading to exciting prizes and bonuses. Don't forget to return daily to spend your regenerated coins and maximize your winnings!
So, what are you waiting for? Push coins and win the slots jackpot! Join the fun and play Carnival Gold Coin Party Dozer for free.

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