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Auto Wi-Fi On Off is a free application which provides user automatically turn on/off Wi-Fi when reach predefined location to save mobile data cost and also provide battery save capability to control the Wi-Fi on & off when screen off. Also it is not necessary to use GPS and work on mobile network location.

If screen off for a long time (such as few hours), the app keeps off the Wi-Fi network for a specific number of minutes and then turn on the Wi-Fi network for a specific number of minutes and turn off again in the background.(e.g. 15 minutes off then 5 minutes on.....) to save the battery, but keep Wi-Fi connection for data update.

- Turn on Wi-Fi when reach predefined location after 5 mins.
- support Wi-Fi/mobile network location in GPS setting.
- allow 4 location profiles to turn on Wi-Fi.
- Turn off Wi-Fi automatically within 5 minutes when screen off.
- If screen off for a long time, the app can keep the Wi-Fi off for a specific minutes and turn on automatically for a while and then turn off again. (e.g. 15 minutes off and 5 minutes on)
- Provide night time control to turn off Wi-Fi network in the background.(e.g 1:00 am - 7:00 am)
- Support auto restart even you reboot the phone after installed
- If Wi-Fi is connected, there is a option to turn off mobile data network
- If Wi-Fi turn on when reach predefined location but no properly Access Point, the Wi-Fi will turn off within 15 seconds automatically to save battery.
- if Android OS >6.0, please turn off battery optimization in settings.

Default setting:
- Cycle off:15 minutes, Cycle on 5 minutes, Night Time: 1:00 am - 7:00 am

How to use:
- Tick the "Enable Auto WiFi" check box at upper left corner and click "Apply" button to use default setting.

How to save location
- Click "+ Current Location" button to store current location in location profile.
- The Latitude and Longitude can be edit to close your selection point in the map
- Click the map will refresh the image using the edit field latitude & longitude.

How to obtain latitude, longitude of the preferred location
- Open Google map using browser (suggest to use computer)
- Move the mouse to location you prefer and right-click mouse, select "what's here?"
- The latitude and longitude will be shown on the screen

How to determine "Turn On in Meters"
- Turn off WiFi and turn on mobile data in order to let the handset detect the location information
- Open the Google map in the mobile phone, you can see where is the current location
- You can estimate the distance between current location and the location you want to save in profile.
(or you keep default value 600 Meters)

How to Turn Off battery optimization
-Android 6 or later: Settings->Battery->Optimization
-Android 8 or later: App->AutoWiFiOnOff->Battery->Optimization

Special Promotion
There is another app in Play Store, the name is AutoDataOnOff to control the mobile data network and work well together with AutoWiFiOnOff. Both app can be coexisted in single phone to control both Wi-Fi and Mobile data automatically.

Reference from the following web about another battery saving app AutoDataOnOff for mobile data network:

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