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About Bummerlzähler

Wous? Open source bummer counter ?? Bistu moped actually look: https://github.com/Elektropepi/Bummerlzaehler

No note at hand? Nowhere a boom counter? Bad short term memory?

Then this app is just right for you! For everyone who prefers to play with real cards, but still doesn't like to let go of the digital world.

Everyone knows the situation - situation 153, the disarmament date is a long way off and it is time again for "self-study". But the fear is great, because there is no piece of paper far and wide and everyone has drunk their last bit of memory. But no reason to sweat, because the security guard is far away, the schnapps cards are warm and the cell phone is finally ready to count down.

The use of highly complex mathematical formulas simplifies the adding up and digitizes it for the typical schnapps king. Even if you lose Bummerl over Bummerl while Schnapsen / Schnopsen, with this app you will be chosen to be Emperor.

What can the app offer you?
- You should rather ask yourself what can I do for the app?
- Are you even worthy of using such a revolutionary technology?

Which games are supported?
- 2, 3 and 4 schnapps

No, I mean which games such as Gang, Ring are supported?
- Articulate Jo tua di better
- The real Bauernschnapser is not played like in these experimental senseless variants with a beggar and a 10-speed gear, but make an exception for you townspeople:
- Beggar, Schnapser, Gang / Ring, 10er Gang, Bauer, Foabnlandla / Farbenringerl, Herrenbauer

Isn't it easier to open an editor and write down there?
- Stop those stupid questions and finally download the app!

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