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A bold action-strategy, zombie apocalypse survival game, survive Hell on Earth.
RAMPAGE to Kill zombies,Survive zombie siege & zombie apocalypse,
You are the last key to stop the Day of the deadly zombies ,annihilation and end of the world.
Fight the dead, Kill zombies hordes, Survive this zombie siege & become a legend
A pandemic has turned people into zombies.
You are the only zombie killing squad of soldiers that can save all humanity .
Bloodthirsty zombies are attacking humans,Zombies are laying siege on you,they will attack from all sides.Wave after wave of them, their only goal is to destroy all of humanity.
Its your Soldiers vs Zombies now, Kill hordes of zombies and save the humanity against hordes of brutal zombies!.Save Fallen kingdom in infinit war against zombies.
Don't let zombies eat your friends and family.Kill every zombie you see!
Your mission is to hold your ground against the ruthless Zombie enemies in this war against the undead .
Defeat and stop this Zombie evil from spreading ,use powerful warriors & weapons to stop this zombie siege!
Wipe out the dead kill leagues of undead walking the city.Exterminate zombies and fight the infection that ended the world.
Shoot to kill all the monstrosities of undead zombies you encounter as you play action-packed missions.
Stay strong and defeat zombies in this war of survival to overcome the apocalypse in order to free humanity from its plight.
Create a powerful zombie army, fight the dead, survive this zombie anarchy and become a legend.
If you love the zombie defence games, try this fun game "Zombie Siege".
In this zombie strategy game,stop rise of ruthless zombie to save the lost empire.

Zombie Siege Game Features:
- Unique zombie fighting units with levels of upgrades
- Interesting quests
- Exciting Campaign Map
- Fun and charismatic characters and beautiful graphics
- Experience 40 levels of glorious action against blood-thirsty zombies!
- Epic defense battles that will get you hooked you for hours!
- Battle with undead nasty zombies each with its own skills
- Awesome graphics
- Specialized upgrades to enhance your soldier's abilities!
- Build and upgrade your army skills to fight zombie army that is attacking your defense
- Addictive defense gameplay!
- Optimized for Android Phones and Tablets!
- Lots of zombie killing fun.
- Amazing gameplay.

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