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If you want to feel like in a Czech movie, download the application TCTRIPS PRAGUE and set off to the city where beer and dumplings hold reign. Prague is one of the most often visited cities of Europe – you can go there too with the trip of TcTrips.

Only now, the app with trips around the city will give you free access to the description of the city and the first highlight of each trip. If you cotton on to the TCTRIPS PRAGUE application, you can get access to a full trip for as little as €.1,79.

What trips does it currently contain?

Right now the routes in the TCTRIPS PRAGUE application are:

PRAGUE OF DAVID CERNY – a stroll around the unconventional sculptures made by David Černy; the trip includes 8 points.

PRAGUE’S OLD TOWN – the most important sights in the historic centre of the city; the tour comprises 8 sights.

Whom is this application for? Every trip is applied to the requirements of 4 groups!
After you choose a target group you can enjoy the attractions adjusted for a particular type of the trip.

Each of the TcTrips is unique, created by a local resident and revised by specialists. What is more, the trips contain plenty of pictures, descriptions of places, google maps and other information, necessary during sightseeing.

- user-friendly and intuitive, the application can be accessible to children as well as the elderly
- every trip is provided with the technical instruction of how to use the application („About the trip” section)
- you don't need to browse through the whole trip to get back to the main menu
- there is a clear layout with division between points, descriptions and pictures there
- thanks to a user-friendly browser you will be able to take a look at other trips from this city
- you don't need to exit from the application to take pictures and save them in the gallery

- information about country's current affairs, history of the city, various curiosities
- detailed descriptions of the points on the route
- free time suggestions in each of the points
- opening and closing hours, addresses of points and their availability
- information about the obstacles that may be encountered on the way by the handicapped or families with small children
- detailed description of the route from one point to the next prepared by the trip author – the inhabitant of the city and description of the route available with the Google map
- AR Trip function which helps to locate the points of the trip with the video camera of your smartphone; it is only possible to use AR Trip function if your not further away from each point of the trip than 10 km
- pictures of every trip point; the whole application includes hundreds of photos from all over the world
- the amount of time to spend in a particular place; proposed starting time (adjusted to the opening and closing hours of each attraction of the route)

- every application is available in 5 language versions: English, Spanish, German, Russian and Polish
- every trip is applied to the requirements of 4 target groups: family, friends, couple, single
- trips are updated and regularly added to the TcTrips offer
- description of the trip and of the first point are free of charge, next points can be purchased
- after the purchase the route of the trip is available without time limits

You can find TcTrips application by entering keywords: trips, trip, travel, travelling, tourism, guide, sightseeing, tc trips

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