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About Maps Ruler Area Calculator

Maps Ruler Area Calculator is an area and distance calculator on map. It is helping you to calculate distance between selected points.
You can measure meter square or kilometer square of the selected areas on map.
Also you can find shortest way and save energy or use it as a golf distance(yard) calculator.

Some use cases:
-Calculate area field measure
-Boat trip calculation
-Calculate distance after or before trekking, walking
-Real Estate area measurement

You can save and load calculated distances and areas, you can put labels to calculated areas.
You can view the result in different conversions such as meter, km ,mile and etc.

Continuous area calculation like drawing mode, you can move your finger and it calculates the distance or area when you are drawing on the map.

For using the app as a land area calculator; Select area mode from the menu then you need to put at least 3 point on map for mesaruing the area.
For using the app as an distance calculator? For distance measurements; you need to put at least 2 point on map.

For using our area calculator you should enable location from phone settings, so you can easily see your current location.

Our area calculation app supports Satellite maps, normal maps and terrain maps.

For finding a place , you can use search function with autocomplete feature on our map area measurement app.

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