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If you are a trade business owner (contractor) who is keen to *Make more money
*Work fewer hours and
*Create a better lifestyle
then you've come to the right place.

Join husband and wife team, Andy and Angela, on the Lifestyle Tradie Podcast where they discuss trade business success tips experienced from their own trade business.

Lifestyle Tradie key focus is to;

‘Help Trade Business Owners Fast-Track Financial & Lifestyle Success‘.

A rapidly changing market place drives the need to seek advice and guidance from a mentor with solid rungs on the board. Someone who continually seeks improvement, pushes the boundaries in their operational trade business and shares their experiences (good and bad), and the ‘know-how’ to fast-track success.

That’s them in a nutshell… but to explain more…

Like You, they Currently Own and Operate a Successful Award Winning Trade Business.

Andy & Angela face the same challenges you face on a daily basis, BUT, they've just worked out a smarter, faster and more sophisticated way to do business.
From a profitable but crazy 17 staff out-of-control business, to now a far leaner machine making better profit than ever before.
Now they are stress and worry free.

They are an approachable couple with an abundance mentality where sharing knowledge, providing support and openly answering questions to the benefit of others is a given.

No longer is owning your own business a lonely road.

Andy was Awarded Small Business Champion Entrepreneur, NSW 2008.

The highest and most acclaimed award to be presented at the Australian Small Business Awards, Andy was acknowledged for his action in creating a business that operates profitably without him, and replacing himself with positive, loyal team members to take control and relish in the responsibility of a strong, stable and growing business.

It’s all about RESULTS and they are proud to say that there is plenty of feedback from members that are thrilled with results in both their business and their life. Check them out on their website

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