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The Clan Killas® Mobile App is how communication with friends works. Our mobile app is not just for us, but for everyone who plays video games online. We have top gaming news feeds to keep you in formed and with that information you are able to relay to your own friends via social networks which are a great part of our mobile app. We use the mobile app also for our own upcoming events, and to let all know about our group in a website form of way but also with the freedom to interact with us and anyone who wants to be a part of the Clan Killas® experience.

We have group merchandise and allow gamer's to get discounts on items such as games, consoles and accessories! We do this by having people D/L our Mobile App and when we give Notifications you are directed to where we place QR Codes within our social pages for you to use the mobiles QR Scanner to get the link for purchasing of these items, at a discount. There is soo many other things to do with our mobile app and our pics, videos and Livestreams you will never miss anything we do.

Want to get on a game of your choice and want to let your friends know? Have something to say and want to post on our chat wall? All of these are what you do with our 2nd version of the mobile app.

We want you to earn by participation, so everything you do on our mobile app (ex: posting, commenting, sharing, watching our videos, liking the content and listening to our theme music!) is rewarded with "badges" that you earn. With this system we are able to give Free stuff on occasion for being the 'top user' on the app!

There's just soo much to do but you cannot do any of this, if you do not D/L our Mobile App! The Clan Killas with our New Mobile App, are the pioneer's of bringing online gaming groups to the next level of communication and simplification of representing our presence online. The Clan Killas® Mobile 'FREE's us to do what we were meant to do: 'game and communicate' freely!

Our Disclaimer: "We are a Video Game Group. We do not use or condone the use of real weapons of 'any' kind. We are not Vigilantes. We play Video Games. We are not affiliated with 'any' terrorists or terrorism. We play Video Games. We are not responsible for 'anything' inferred from this sites content, other than the fact that we play Video Games. The doors are open to those who would like to join us take a look around and get to know [SCK]'s True Ideals!"

The Clan Killas® Mobile App ~ "Built By Machines, To Run on Your Machines..." ~ (Future Soldiers of Online Gaming!): Established in ©2005 by: Infar3d (Founder) & CritiKiL (Creator / Manager / Webdesigner). ~ "If you are a Mature Gamer, with a Team Mentality and a Drive to WIN...We Want YOU! Register and Join Us ~ Recruiting Worldwide..."

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