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About Airalo: eSIM Pocket Internet

Airalo allows you to save up to 10x on mobile roaming data fees with amazing eSIM technology. Get one of our prepaid eSIM plans at affordable rates (starting from US$ 4.50). With coverage in over 200 countries and regions you can enjoy global connectivity 🌎. Just add an eSIM to your eSIM compatible device and stop worrying about staying connected while on your adventures.

Say ‘alo’ to freedom! 🎉

✈️ Who is Airalo best for?
Airalo is a perfect solution for anyone who travels - it doesn't matter whether you're on a boat, a plane, on a business trip or you just want to enjoy mobile data while visiting other countries - we’re here to provide you with instant connectivity while you travel..

🤑 How much does it cost?
* eSIMs from Airalo start from US$ 4.50 for 1GB of data.
* You can save with our Referral Program - get US$ 3 for every user you refer.

⭐ Why use Airalo?
* No more huge data roaming fees ✌️
* Installation in just a couple of minutes
* Easy top-ups, wherever you are
* Keep your existing number while traveling
* No more fiddling with pins and paperclips to change SIMs
* No need to carry a bulky WiFi dongle around

📲 What is an eSIM?
* An eSIM is an embedded SIM technology. Think of it as a digital SIM card. Rather than requiring users to fiddle with SIM trays and pins, the eSIM operates within your device's firmware.

📲 What is an eSIM data plan?
* An eSIM data plan is a prepaid data-only plan that you can install directly to your eSIM compatible device. It’s a lightweight prepaid plan or virtual data SIM for whatever local carriers exist in the country you’re currently in, the bonus is that you no longer need a fiddly, easily lost old-school plastic SIM card. eSIMs are a true technological revolution and we bring them right into your eSIM compatible device!
* You get access to local data services at affordable prices without the need to hunt down a physical SIM card, WiFi or paying for expensive roaming.
* You can continue to use your existing phone number while using the data from your eSIM.

📲 Does an eSIM come with a number?
* Some of our eSIMs do and we're working on adding more into our store over time. Check your eSIM’s description for details.

📶 What devices support eSIM?
You can find a regularly updated list of eSIM compatible devices on this link:

🤔 How does it work?
* Step 1: Install the Airalo app

* Step 2: Find an eSIM for your destination
(Airalo has eSIMs for over 190+ countries and regions and we're working 24/7 to expand our coverage.)

* Step 3: Purchase & install your eSIM
There are three ways to install your eSIM; most can be installed directly, if this isn’t possible you can use a QR code or install it manually.

* Step 4: Enjoy connectivity whenever you are!

❤️ Why do we love eSIMs?
* You aren’t disconnected during transit. With an eSIM, you can simply activate your service once you’ve arrived and you’re connected immediately.
* You don’t have to mess around with fiddly hardware. Your eSIM is handled through an app, making things simpler for everyone.
* It’s much easier to switch plans. Every eSIM from Airalo is prepaid and requires no contract, so you can top-up your service or switch your plan whenever you want.
* Prices are clear and fair with no hidden fees.
* You can store multiple eSIMs on one device. That gives you the freedom to purchase your eSIMs ahead of time and simply activate them on arrival.


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