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About Слова из букв

We present to all of you the well-known word-compilation game. The goal of the game is to make as many words as possible from the given 7 letters in the allotted time. Composed words should be common nouns in the singular.

Main characteristics.
* A fascinating word composition game.
* High-quality dictionary.
* Availability of explanation for each word.
* Flexible points system.
* Ability to resume interrupted games.
* Ability to select the duration of the game.
* Possibility of clues.
* Over 5,000 different starting combinations.
* Balanced gameplay.

Each composed word adds an additional 10 seconds to the remaining time. For each guessed word you get points, the longer the guessed word, the more points you score. If you can guess all the words, you will receive an additional 100 bonus points.
You can always see the meaning of an unfamiliar word by clicking on it. You can also send developers the words that you think should be added to the dictionary. You also have the opportunity to suggest words for removal from the dictionary of the game. If your suggestions pass moderation, they will be taken into account in the next updates.
This game will definitely appeal to all lovers of games with words such as
Words from the Word.
If you are a scholar - this game will test your knowledge.
A word of letters is a great way to spend time for both adults and children.
This game allows you and your children to replenish their vocabulary in just a few minutes! Find words and go through all levels.
Have a nice game.

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