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Now you can enjoy Johny Johny Yes Papa Rhyme offline in Hindi and English version. Silent features of app. This application helps kids to learn rhymes, moral stories and other topics like alphabets, animals name, counting and many more.This Application provides one of the best learning experience for your kids where kids can do practice via Quiz program provided by this app.

Following are silent features of this app...

1) Rhymes in Hindi and English
2) Moral Stories in Hindi and English
3) Alphabets Learning for kids
4) Counting Learning for Kids
5) Animals Name Learning for Kids
6) Vehicles Sounds
7) Animals Sounds Learning
8) Birds sound learning
9) Tall short Learning
10) Fat Thin Learning
11) Kids Quiz program for Nursery

Following are the other Rhymes given with the application.

1) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2) Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn around
3) 5 Little Ducks
4) 10 Green Bottles
5) Old MacDonald had a farm
6) Wheels on the Bus Go round and round
7) This Old Man
8) If you happy and Know
9) Muffin Man
10) Jack and Jill
11) Rain Rain Go Away
12) Itsy Bitsy Spider
13) File Little Sparkled Frogs
14) Humpty Dumpty

Moral Stories

1) Ran & Lion
2) Elephant & Ant
3) The Grasshopper and Ant
4) The Thirsty Crow
5) The Elephant & Cruel Owner
6) The Golden Goose
7) The Lion and Rabbit
8) The Rabbit and Tortoise
9) Elephant & Tailor
10) Two Cats and Clever Monkey

So Enjoy this wonderful app with lots of fun and entertainment.
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