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About Math Game Master

Have you ever felt math is not interested? If yes we have solution for you with Math Game Master. In today's life we all need support of calculator even for simple math calculation.
But we have designed this Math Game in such a way that it will not only help you in practicing in answering math expressions but will give you enjoy as well as.

How to play?

Scientist Einstein coming from top with a question. You are just supposed to keep pressing right answer of shown number by Einstein. Slowly - 2 speed of Einstein will increase and than this game becomes really challenging.

How many math operations are supported?

Currently game support below mentioned four operations.

1) Addition
2) Substraction
3) Multiplication
4) Division

Game supports Following 3 Modes.

1) Infinity - In this mode you can play as much as possible. For every right answer you will get positive number and for incorrect answer there will be negative marking.
2) Target Mode - In this mode there will be target for you to resolve given number of expressions.
3) Time Mode - In this mode you have to earn target points within specified duration.

This game is also helpful to decrease stress since it keeps your mind busy and increases your concentration.

So increase concentration and enjoy math game master.