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Read the following carefully.
If you hear nothing, do not worry ultrasound not everyone can listen to the broadcast at a higher frequency.
Does not always work, take alternative measures.
What is ultrasound?
Acoustic signals to a higher frequency that the human ear can perceive.
Due to the higher auditory and sensory ability of mosquitoes, ultrasounds are high frequency waves that can be perceived by them but not for the people, thereby affecting only annoying mosquitoes and forcing them to leave the area of the repellent action.
Ultrasounds are emitted by mobile in all directions, as the light emitted by a fluorescent. Hard materials (walls, ceilings, furniture, glass, etc.) Better allow recreation of Sound waves bounce in them, while soft materials (cardboard, curtains, carpets, etc.) Absorb them.
How does it work ?.
It is scientifically proven that only female mosquitoes bite during the period of gestation, to feed. In this state the females avoid the males to locate for the buzz that emit
Protection of 2 meters. 2 meters will protect you from all your
Mosquitoes do not go!
It may be that observe mosquitoes around, but you should know that it is male mosquitoes. The male mosquitoes do not feed on blood.
Although its effectiveness is proven with most mosquito species, we can not guarantee its effectiveness in all species of mosquitoes, although its use can help reduce your discomfort from lower incidence to the disappearance of the same. Anti Joke Mosquitoes can not certify the use to scare any particular species.
! Caveat!
Although the emission of sounds is real not use a scientifically proven, nor is guaranteed its effectiveness, therefore always advisable to use an alternative method using a system together.
Please carefully read the explanation of the operation.
TRY !!

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