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What is Anounce – IT?

Anounce – it is a social network that allows users to post, search, share, comment, and go to your next event. Announce your next big event now!

What kind of events can you share on Announce – IT?

Announce concerts
Announce sports games
Announce parties
Announce house parties
Announce weddings
Announce social events
Announce new products
Announce sales
Announce holiday events
Announce job events
Announce baby showers
Announce plays
Announce musicals
Announce church events
Announce youth events
Announce bible studies
Announce choir practice
Announce conferences
Announce summer camps

And much more…..

*******(Sorry, NO NUDE POST (PORN)! It will be deleted, your account will be closed, and there will be NO REFUND! No questions asked! So don’t post these type of events!

What can users do with Anounce – IT?

Post your next event on the Announce – it website!
Share your post with other social networks!
Make comments on your Announce – it post!
Invite others!
Click on the “Go” link to go to any of the events!
Chat with others going to your event!

GPS the location of your event flyer (When a user clicks on the "GO" link,on your event flyer, it will GPS your event via their smart mobile device using Google Maps)!

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