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Lock Screen is an application that you can download and take with you on your Android, this app will offer you great tools and tips to lock the screen and thereby protect your privacy.
Lock Screen will teach you different options and techniques to prevent prying eyes from accessing your mobile so precious and the information in it. You can lock the screen on your phone, you should only proceed with the tutorials that we have designed this useful application. With this you get lock the screen and thus better preserve your privacy and security.

Users who tend to use smartphones and tablets are already very familiar with the lock screen as the current touch-screen computers tend to require the use of it, to thereby achieve prevent accidentally trigger functions, although there other benefits that should be considered when handling this particular function.

First the screen lock allows us to quickly turn off the screen, so it is a security measure we can use if we want to hide what we are doing for our mobile front of other people, such as children or even a boss who forbids us to use the phone in the workplace.

The screen lock inside a mobile is very useful because it helps us preserve the battery of our team, as well as allowing us to block access to it through keys and others, but often tends to be a nuisance the mobile lock automatically when not in use for a certain period of time.

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