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Who has not dreamed of fly through the sky like Superman? Or have the speed of Flash? The magic hammer of Thor? We all have a favorite Superhero and you can discover what superhero fits more with your behavior.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your tastes and personality and look what Superhero has the most coincides with you. You will agree with the light given off Superman or the darkness in which Batman moves?
Will you agree more with use the power of Hulk or the power of the mind that Charles Xavier has?

Which Superhero are you? is specifically created to meet you, it is a game of Superheroes that includes a lot of these great characters of the comics world, from Marvel Superheroes to the DC Superheroes. Passing by the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy or women superheroes.

There are a lot of different Superheroes, each with a distinct personality, like us. So there is a Superhero that resembles with each person.

Share your resulting superhero with your friends to discover what Superhero they are thanks to this free app. Have fun with Which Superhero are you? knowing the one for each of your friends!

'Which Superhero are you? is free !! do not hesitate to recommend it to your friends so they can meet their ideal Superhero free.

Share with us which is your ideal Superhero in the comments! and if you liked it rate this app!

Furthermore, this application can help you when choosing your superhero costumes, as it will tell you the ideal superhero. Take a superhero costume to talk to you for himself. With the wiser choose of a Superhero costume everything will be much easier.

If you didn´t like this application or you think it might become better please send us your suggestionsby email!

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