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Gem Stones (or are also called ‘Navratnas’ - Nine Gems in general terminology)- although gemmology considers them to be not a precious stone but being related to the planets, Gem Stones are of considerable remedial use in general since years of existence of this science. Gems harness the invisible emittance of rays from various planets and cosmos to Benefit the one who wears and would be only impacting positively if the remedy suggested to you by as Astrologer is perfect.

Our ancient masters in Astrology championed the science of Gemmology - or therapy by gemstones (also called as Birthstones). They did extensive research in this field. The Gems explored by them are so popular that they are very expensive and rare. They devised the effects of these gem stones on movement of every planet and suggested us the Remedies by use of these gemstones. Astrological remedies can be of great help to you and help you manage your life more easily and peacefully.

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