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Easily handle any number of contact and app notifications from your Android status bar.

Notification Manager lets you classify notifications and organize notifications from people and apps for an at-a-glance view of what's important to you.

 • Choose favorite contacts and get notified about different notifications connected with them - calls, messages and emails, social updates, etc.
 • Group different notifications by their originating contacts or apps.
 • Hide and ignore notifications from unwanted contacts or apps.
 • Customize notification lighting for notifications from favorite contacts.
 • Allow original application notification to bypass the filter and display them as usual.
 • View a history of all past notifications.

For Sony SmartWatch 2 users, the Notification Manager allows you to display notifications from favorite contacts and selected apps directly on your device.

EVENT GROUPING - organize different notification types:
 • Favorite people - Favorite contacts will be highlighted in the status bar.
 • Hidden people - Ignore notifications from specific people.
 • Unfiltered apps - Unfiltered applications will bypass Notification Manager and show their original notifications.
 • Hidden apps - Ignore notifications from specific apps.

LOG SCREENS - tabbed views of individual categories:
 • Favorite people - view only notifications from favorite people.
 • More - view notifications from apps and people that are not favorited or ignored.
 • History - view a log of all notifications.

 • Up to three Favorite contacts
 • Up to five Hidden contacts and apps
 • Up to five Unfiltered apps

Easily upgrade to Notification Manager Premium at any time to handle more contacts and apps.

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