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★★★FREE NCERT / CBSE 30,000+ Learn & Quiz cards for revision★★★

Access FREE CBSE / NCERT syllabus for class 8, class 9 & Class 10 with CBSE / NCERT quick Revision Notes in the form of Flash Cards. Assess yourself with CBSE / NCERT Quiz Questions in a fun & interactive manner with your friends. Learn while you Play Games like Cricket (Superover), Soccer (Penalty shootout) & Volleyball with your friends.

CramBuddy helps you to beat the forgetting curve. It helps you to save your time by making you prepare for your exams & tests efficiently.

FREE Access to CBSE / NCERT chapter-wise quick revision notes for all the subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Civics, Economics, Computer Science and English.

Revise and Practices quizzes indefinitely ON THE GO.

CramBuddy GAMES :
1) Select the game format (Cricket (Superover), Soccer (Penalty shootout) & Volleyball) you wish to challenge your friends for
2) Give a Game Name & personal message (if you wish)
3) Select your Subject (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Civics, Economics, Computer Science and English) & your class (class 8, class 9 & Class 10)
4) Choose your opponents (friends/gangs)
5) Pick your attack question from your attack list / random list & GAME ON!

Explore the following features on CramBuddy!!!

Learn – Learn packs have all your notes arranged in the flash card format in bullet points with diagrams. So start flipping those flash cards! (NCERT / ICSE board)
Quiz – Revise! Test yourself with the quiz packs. (NCERT / ICSE board)
Games – Play Super Over (Cricket), Penalty Shootout (Soccer), Volleyball & more with your buddies and gangs. (Select a game -> choice your buddy (buddies or gang) -> select your attack questions & GAME ON!!)
Attack List – Attack can win you the matches. Strength your Attack by choosing your questions from CBSE Classes 8, 9, 10 & ICSE Class 9 across different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Science), History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Maths, English & Computer Science from the Quiz Cards available in CramBuddy.
Trending Packs – You can access the trending Learn & Quiz packs (Trending Content for CBSE Classes 8, 9, 10 & ICSE Class 9)
Recent Packs – You can easily and quickly access your recent learn & quiz packs. (NCERT / ICSE board)
Search – Search for your topic(s) or keyword(s) from NCERT / ICSE board Classes 8, 9, 10 in Learn & Quiz section.
Me – Tell us something about yourself! Have a nickname that's cool & hot and make your own identity!
Buddies – Wouldn't life be boring without buddies?! Add all your buddies here and have a Great Time! Make new friends! You can even send short messages too! Your words with friends!
Gangs – Make your own Gang along with your buddies and challenge the world!!
Scores – Complete quiz packs, score points & brag about it to your friends now!
Shouts – We shout it out to you if you have a Buddy/Gang request or a question shot at you! Also get updated if your buddies goofed up or answered your question right!
Activities – Let’s accept it that we are always a little curious to know what our buddies are up to! Track your buddies’ activities here!

It's your CramBuddy, Enjoy !

You or your friend can also contribute your revision notes & quizzes on CramBuddy which will be uploaded & hosted for FREE. All you have to do is to take the picture(s) of your notes/quizzes and email or whatsapp it to us.
Email us at :
Whatsapp number : +91 8762687687/+919845269568

You can find us on Google Plus / Facebook! And on Twitter too! Search CramBuddy on YouTube for Help videos!!

Check for more fun and exciting contest!!

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