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Shooting Star Lite is an addictively fun yet challenging game that puts the player in charge of their own shooting star as they traverse through the depths of space. Shooting Star Lite comes with one game type available: Shooting Star. There are two other game types available as well, however they require an update to the full version.

Shooting Star: The original that the game gets it's namesake from. You begin as a star flying through space with three lives. You must collect points and try to survive the perilous journey as long as possible. Be mindful of asteroids as they come towards you, they vary in size and speed. Don't forget to catch the power-ups as they fall as well. Though rare, they can really change the outcome of the game and be a real life saver. Oh yea, watch out for lasers. One hit and you're done, no matter how many lives you have.

Upgrade to the full version of Shooting Star to receive two additional game modes: Star Field and Laser Gates.

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