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Quake Oracle is an earthquake prediction application that turns your android device into a seismograph combined with a magnetometer using built-in sensors.

This is the demo version of the app "Quake Oracle" and will close itself after 10 minutes from start.

The detection is based on early magnetic impulses followed by seismic P- and S-waves. The P-wave is the fastest wave and precedes destructive surface waves. The time interval between the P-wave and surface waves ranges from several seconds to minutes depending on your location from the epicenter of the earthquake. In contrast, magnetic activity alerts several minutes or hours (sometimes days) before a relatively strong earthquake.
The magnetic background noise may change on a daily bases and varies from location to location, so make sure to adjust its sensitivity from the menu of this application for better performance. Music or other sound playback also may result to device sensitivity.
You can disable sound notifications from the sensitivity view for magnetic and acceleration detection. Setting the device on vibration or silent mode does not affect on sound notifications.

WARNING! this application is not a professional tool, therefore does not guaranty correct prediction and also may give false alerts.

Application data correctness depends on the calibration of your device and its positioning. Put the phone face up on a flat surface and keep it in a static state, away from sources of magnetic vibrations and metals before running the application.
If you turn on/off either magnetic or acceleration sensor from the menu, the application will start monitoring the active sensor(s) and start notifying about detections (if any) only after 3 seconds to neglect initializing errors. Both sensors will be deactivated on an incoming call and reactivated back (if they were active) after the call.
The application (sensors) will remain active with sound notifications even in background and when the device screen goes off.

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