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You are in the city of 3D Zombie Overkill Wars Dead Plague Battle and all you have to do are: surviving and killing those 3D Zombies Overkill Plague all.

Now the town is crowded from a troop of Zombies Plague. The citizens are going to become Zombie Wars : Call Dead Plague one by one. You must stop this situation by killing all zombies and bring your peaceful hometown back. You will get armed with guns, grenades, rockets and revival packs. Keep your head up high! Get ready and fight for your hometown.

The game challenges you with varied obstacles to stop you. Keep in mind that you must kill 3D Zombie Overkill Plague for survival unless you will be bitten and died and avoid clashing any barriers around. Swipe the display to control the player direction.

Each zombie killed returns free coins. Use them to buy or upgrade the weapons: Guns, Grenades and Rocket. Use revival packs to get more lives and stim packs, the inbuilt chemical with adrenaline and enhancers. You can buy more coins as necessary for more and upgraded items. Special!! Be aware when playing the game. You can get many free items while running through the road of zombies! The game also offers free coins after watching advertisement videos.

The game is truly addicted, easy to play but challenge. You must pay strong attention while running and avoiding the obstacles.

- Full of zombie to kill. Very exciting and challenge!
- Upgrading the weapons including grenades and rockets from shop
- Upgrading the guns and soldier by clicking the gun icon
- Free rewards offering while the game play
- Night scene change. The change works accordingly to the timezone of the device. If you play the game at night, the game light and stuff will change to night scenes.

This game can be played without the end. If you are the fan of Zombie Overkill Plague shooting or have a dream of zombie killing, this is your best choice

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