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Want to play fearless and daring games then welcome to the most exciting and deadly battleship commando shooting game and tie up your shoe for the heavy military war mission.
• One to one correspondence shooting battle
• Automatic reloaded rifles
• Full on firefighting i.e. missiles, rocket launcher and many more
• Enemies killing

In this game of elite commando you will find lots of thrill and action. You will handle the enemies face to face and have to shoot them to save the world. If you want to become a game boy in the armed combo war then you should be very careful in your moves and become the survival.
In this game of army military mission you have to beat both the time and the terrorist because a little mistake may cause you a big harm, so should be very much attentive and use right and fury strategies on defeating the evils and become the real combat army soldier.
Be an elite striker and show the enemies no mercy.
Main features:
• 3D graphics
• Full on sound track and camera system
• Many missions to open
• Unlimited bullets proof pistols and FPS shooter
• Totally war environment

The counter striker game, you have to take an aim on your target and then shoot. Without any focus you will be unable to defeat your enemy. But in all these procedure you have to show efficiency because a bit late in any work will make your game over and you will lose all the staff and the mission will be not successfully completed. Be brave and show courage to win this gun game.
You will be all alone in this gun game. You have to chase the bad people with the help of the map or you can get their exact location through mobile striking. This is the modern sniper game and you will find very much extra ordinary ultimate shotgun fight in it.
Be first for shooting the bad people otherwise they will trap you and you will be killed by them, and then it will be not possible for you to beat them or also not able to unlock the other level of the sniper shooting game.
There are also lots of features and a heart taken stealth action to discover. So, be ready for the fun and excitement and rescue the world. You have to be protected for yourself and for that you will be wearing the bullet proof vest which will save you from the bullets fired by the enemies.
You will also find checkpoints and different bonus like life, unique pistols and so on.

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