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Boost Your Phone Performance using the Master features like Junk/Cache Files Cleaner, Battery Manager, Large Files Manager & Junk Files Manager for WhatsApp.

Fast Cleaner is a simple yet fastest smartphone optimization tool to boost your phone performance in one click. If your phone runs slow, has loads of junk data, and needs cache cleaning, then Fast Cleaner is the best mobile booster that will simply dig deep into your mobile phone to clear the junk files, memory cache, and optimize its battery. Furthermore, it has a master Battery optimization and alert tool that notifies you about when your battery is full on charge and running out of charging. So you don’t have to worry about your battery status. Fast Cleaner automatically optimizes and notifies you about it.

Here are the master features of fast cleaner:

Clean Junk Files & Cache – In One Tap

The main and simplest feature of Fast Cleaner is Junk and cache cleaning. When you constantly use your smartphone and use different mobile applications, the storage and memory is stuffed with cache. As the size of cached files increases, the smartphone starts to perform slowly. Therefore, to speed up the performance of phone, cleaning the apps cache and overall cache from the phone is necessary. For that, the Fast Cleaner is a master app to clean cache files in one tab. It deeply scans through all the apps and registry in order to completely remove the trash cache files. To make use of this master feature of Fast Cleaner do as directed below:

- Open the Main Screen Fast Cleaner
- You will see “Number of Cached Files” and “Total Cached Size”
- Now Tap on “Clean” Button
- You will see the a “Confirmation Screen” stating junk files removed successfully

Customize Apps Cache Cleaning

The app also allows you to customize the cache cleaning process for selected apps. If you do not want the cleaner to clear the cache files of certain apps, you can do that through this feature. For that, on the main screen:

- Tap on the red colored “Clean Apps” button
- You will see the list of apps installed on your device
- Just “Tick Mark” the “Apps” you wish to clean the cache and leave the others unmarked

Now from onward, you the Fast cleaner will not clear the cache of particular apps that you opted out.

Battery Manager – Battery Optimizer

Another master feature of the Fast Cleaner app is its uniquely designed Battery manager that optimized the battery timings. The battery of your smartphone reduces its performance when it is not charged on its due time or is left on charge when it is full. Battery full y charged or drained both effects the performance of charge. Therefore, keeping this in view, the Fast Cleaner is embedded with a battery alert manager whose job is to keep you alert on battery performance. The battery optimizer alerts you:

- When Battery is Low
- When Battery is Fully Charged

However, to make these work, you need to enable them through this battery optimizing feature.

Junk Manager

Large Files and WhatsApp files are two of the main things in every smartphone that make the storage full. The application offers a viable solution to resolve and remove the junk data about both of the issues. Through the Fast Cleaner’s Junk Manager Tool, you can:

- Remove Large Files greater than 100MB.
- Remove files Unnecessary Files created by WhatsApp

So if you are looking for a quick go through the storage of your mobile, the app offers you to delete files larger than 100 MB. Also through Junk Cleaner for WhatsApp files gives you an option to get rid of the junk instantly.

Fast cleaner is a reliable cache and junk cleaning app. It helps you optimize the storage and speed up your smartphones performance. Therefore, Install and start optimizing your gadget’s storage and battery performance.

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