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About MobStar

MobStar lets you create and edit full screen videos of your daily life to share with family, friends and industry experts.
Create your day, showcase your talent, move up the leaderboard by posting and liking content.

MobStar has millions of downloads around the World and became the no 1 downloaded app in Asian countries.

Customize your content through video editing, writing on content, subtitles and much much more.

Entertain your friends with your videos they can easily deep link onto your other social networks

Events. Create an event, put it on sale and watch the $$ roll in. We create a unique QR code to send to fans for the event

Here’s the big one. Data. We don’t sell your data to advertisers. If an advertiser wants to pay for content we will do a revenue share with their creator. We believe in assisting our global community of content creation and sharing profits.

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