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About Scotiabank CR, Banca Móvil

Scotiabank Móvil is a modern, cutting-edge Scotiabank in Costa Rica application that lets you access your banking products and make your main transactions quickly and conveniently with a specially designed solution for mobile devices.
Enter the application with your Scotia Online user name and password to:
· Consult balances and account activity: See an account's available balance and the last 10 transactions made on it, and directly access the funds transfer option.
· Consult credit cards: See the balance owed, available credit for purchases and cash, minimum and full amount payments, payment due date and available miles, as well as the last 10 credit card transactions, and directly access the card payment option.
· Consult loans: See the loan balance and payment due as well as the payment due date, and directly access the loan payment option.
· Pay credit cards: Pay the minimum or full amount or total outstanding balance, or make partial payments on your credit cards.
· Pay utilities: Pay public utilities or private service providers on your list of favorite services.
· Pay loans: Pay the latest installment on a current loan.
· Make Scotiabank account transfers: Make transfers to your own or third-party Scotiabank Costa Rica accounts from previously authorized accounts.
· Make SINPE transfers: Make transfers to your own or third-party, previously authorized, accounts in other banks.

All payment or transfer transactions require you to enter your verification code.
For more information, contact us through our website, -con-scotiabank.aspx or e-mail, .
Location: Across from the north side of the National Stadium on Avenida Las Américas in Sabana North, San Jose, Costa Rica
Call Center Phone: 8001-SCOTIA-(726842)

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