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This Smart Phone Manager application includes Application Manager to manage your apps, File Manager to manage your files and folders on the SD card, Call Manager to manage your incoming call and all call logs, Sms Manager to manage all your SMS on the android devices.

Application Manager:

Share application apk file with friends using Bluetooth, mail and other available applications.
Take the backup of the installed application apks for future use.
Terminate the running apps to free up the memory and speed up the device.
Uninstall,Clear Data,Clear Cache options.
Clean Memory
Clear all app cache
User can move app from internal storage to SD card.
Filtering and sorting option is available in app list.
Keeping notification option will let user know when a moveable app is installed in the device.

Auto Task Killer:
Running apps can be killed automatically.
User can select apps which will automatically be killed after any screen off event in the device.

File Manager :

Manage files on the SD card.
File Manager allows you to browse your SD card, create files and directories, rename, copy, move, and delete,share,zip,unzip files and folder.

Providing a comprehensive way to search images, Audios and Videos.

SMS Manager:

Manage sms just like you want. If you don't want to keep any unwanted sms on the device sms application, this is the right app for you. Because its managing just everything you can imagine. Whatever it is inbox,Sent or draft,
you can control it. Block unwanted sms by numbers and content.To choose the number from all available option, app is giving you the easiest possible way. While app is giving you option to block by numbers and content, moreover it has some advance option to manage sms by category. This is the mode you can use to secure your sms. You can keep eye on the background task by keeping sms log on the app.

Call Manager:

Manage your contacts,call log and Call according to your choice. You will gain full control over these using this application.
An incoming call can be blocked by following rules.Given according to priority
1.Block All-This will block all the incoming call.
2.Black listed numbers-You can put annoying numbers on the black list. while checking applicable rules to block a number, it has the highest priority.
3.Block all non contact numbers-This are the second highest priority rule. Its simple as it says. If incoming number is not saved in your contacts, call will be blocked. Of course you have to check the option to enable this blocking feature.

Reject with SMS:
If you enable this option, you can set a predefined SMS to send while rejecting the number. Please note that, SMS will be sent via device SMS application and you have to pay the charge according to your mobile network provider company rules.

Maintain call log: If you think your call log should be secured you can use this option. You can decide whether you will keep the log in your phone contacts or not. Application will do it automatically for you.
if you are worried about what happening automatically, we have option to keep everything on the app what its doing. Just check the keep option for call block and call log secured mode feature.Review them within the app and delete them comprehensively when you want.

Call Recorder:
You can record all calls or only calls from selected numbers. Please try changing the audio source if recording does not work properly on your device.
Dropbox uploading feature enable auto sync recording with Dropbox.

If you find any issue, you can report to us. We will immediately look into the issues.

We do not send any of your information to cloud or do not use it any other purpose rather than using it for app functionality.
Please note, for sending SMS and calling to phone, its using device default SMS and call application, So you will be charged accordingly.

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