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Earphone Test app is very useful when you want to check the quality of your earphones or earphones you want to buy.


Button Test
Earphone Test app will help you to check whether the button of your earphone works fine or not

Stereo Test
If your earphones does not have 'right' and 'left' sign, this test will help you find which one is the right earphone and which one is left earphone.

High Frequency Test
With this test, you can check the maximum frequency (20 kHz) you can hear with your earphone. Please note that as we grow older, the maximum frequency we can hear will be reduced, so if you can not hear anything at higher frequencies, it may not be the problem of your earphones.

Low Frequency Test
This test will help you check if your earphone can produce the lowest frequency human can hear, which is 20 Hz. Because the frequency will be very low, perhaps the sound you hear will be very soft.

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