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Version history:

Version 1.1.1 (dec. 16, 2014)
* After loading a vault, the primary and alternative authentication methods were displayed incorrectly
* After saving and then loading a vault, the passwords would be recognized as passwords as well as NFC tags. This caused S-Vault to crash when scanning an NFC tag. Vaults saved with version 1.1 have to be saved again.

Version 1.1 (dec. 15, 2014)
+ S-Vault now supports (nearly) every Android device on the market today
+ Added two new authentication methods: NFC and PIN-code
+ You can now have two authentication methods (a primary and an alternative) and you can switch between the two when the vault needs to be opened
+ Added the possibility to save and load the vault to/from storage and cloud services (of course this is heavily encrypted)
* You now need to authenticate when you open the settings dialog (in stead of only when importing or changing passwords)
* Fixed several small bugs causing crashing issues
* Added progress dialog when importing/exporting
* Changed the fingerprint dialog so it's more seamlessly integrated into the app now

Version 1.0 (dec. 4, 2014)
Initial release.

With S-Vault you transform the keyboard on your device into a password vault which can only be accessed through several authentication mechanisms like your fingerprint, NFC and a PIN code! This means that you never have to remember your passwords anymore, because S-Vault will give you access to all your favorite web services and more!

Key features:
- Use your fingerprint, NFC or PIN code to authenticate you on websites or any other service available on your device.
- S-Vault is integrated in your keyboard. You can launch S-Vault from your keyboard.

- You can import your passwords from a variety of password managers like KeePass.

- By pairing with your (Chrome) desktop browser you can use S-Vault to fill in a password there too! The S-Vault extension needed for this feature is available in the Chrome Web Store.

We take security very seriously. Therefore, S-Vault is safe. Very safe. By using a strong AES encryption your passwords are safely stored only on your device. Whenever you need to send a password to your browser, a virtually uncrackable asymmetric RSA encryption with signature verification is used.
To keep it simple: it's what your bank uses.

- We're using industry standard AES and RSA encryption mechanisms to keep your passwords safe. Not even Einstein can crack them!

- You can now use long randomized passwords, a different one for each service. You don't have to remember any of them, you only need S-Vault!

- Your vault is safely stored on your device and cannot be opened by anyone but you. Not even if a hacker steals it from your device.

Whenever you need to enter a password, open the vault by tapping the vault icon on your (on-screen) keyboard, unlock your vault and the correct password will be automatically entered! This also works when you need to enter a password on your desktop browser. Neat huh?

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