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Modern Sniper Shoot is a modern action FPS game, on the android FPS play most vividly. Modern Sniper Shoot is frontline action war game. Kill enemies with modern sniper shoot weapons likes M4, AK-47, MP5, Snipe, pistols and other weapons at front-line combat. Kill them with modern sniper combat war skills! As a trained modern sniper soldier, your obligation to kill your enemies. In the modern sniper assault counter terrorism combat, prevent the brutal terrorists to escape, and strive to shoot the opponent's head. Accurate and effective targeting practices will more effectively eliminate terrorism in the frontline shooting campaign. Ready to fight with modern terrorists.Modern sniper shoot with more advanced features against terrorism allow you choose different types of weapons Such as M4, WA2000, SL8G, AS50, M400, machine guns in the fight. You are a frontline commando with good modern combat skills about modern sniper technology so sneak into enemy territory and eliminate hidden targets. Keep a close eye on your range of sniper rifles, zoom in and find targets. In the fight against terrorism modern sniper comabt take a long breath and pull the trigger to kill the enemies.

- Modern sniper combat action shooting game
- Favorite modern sniper combat action game
- Experience the unique front-line modern sniper wars
- Dive into an exciting action sniper
- Defend yourself and destroy enemy bases
- Complete the difficult missions

Game Play Features:
- Hijacked buildings, alarming battlefields, Madden Shot and complex situations
- Shoot all enemies to complete mission to enter the next stage
- Exciting maps of the scene, the reality of competitive combat environment
- A wealth of weapons, sniping, assault rifles, pistols
- The best shooting action game
- Seven critical mission environments
- Amazing 3D graphics

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2 years

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