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25 Minute Journey is a fully functional digital notebook that helps you track your minute workouts. Hit it! Track It! Print it!

Embrace Technology! Stay Mobile!

- all cycles plus a Hybrid

25 Minute Journey was designed with a simple, bright, exciting look - similar to the workout charts. No dark depressing black background in this app!

STATurdays are supposed to make you get excited! Help pull you through the week!!!

25 Minute Journey features include (but not limited to):
- What's my next workout?... 25 Minute Journey will remind you. Option to set reminder.
- Profile will show Your Next Workout.
- Track your workout dates not calendar days (Life happens! Bend your schedule don't break it!)
- Are you following the modifiers? Track it! Intensity Level Normal, Modified, Mixed
Some days you have to modify to stay in the game. You are still moving forward :)
- Add a note, a Focus Point (yeah that's my phrase) to each workout. Rough day? Bad recoup?
- Rate the difficulty level of workout. This does change even for the same workout - explain in your notes.
- Track the time you performed the workout. Ability to split double day Friday into AM/PM.
- View or export a Fitness Reports for each Cycle.

- Track your progress!
- Add a before photo and a photo for every STATurday!
- Record your measurements: Weight (Chest, Arm, Waist, Hips, Thigh)*
- Total Measurements: *Automatically calculates/tracks measurements to show overall change.

****Note: Please enter all STATurday data as a whole number or a number decimal. Do not add commas. ie., Use 25.50 not 25,50. Some local keyboards override current filtering - Known Android bug

Why track it if you can't view it!
- Export all data to Fitness Report(s) to view or print. Please print responsibly. (FEATURE COMING NEXT UPDATE)
- Share your progress! Share your stats. Share your photos.
- Standard/metric option (lb/in - kg/cm).

In technology, like fitness, size matters! More of what matters and less of what doesn't. Functional fitness. With a strong database backbone and a light, sleek, and sexy build, it is no doubt 25 Minute Journey was made for fitness! Feel free to compare and contrast.

Spanish (~95% translated). *Me disculpo si la traducción no es correcto.

*If there is a feature you want added I would love to hear it! More than likely it is already in the works. We are all at different fitness levels and progress at different rates. I hope this app helps you stay focused on achieving a healthier you. Excelsior!

Weight Tracker included!
- A digital weight diary.
- Add your weight any time you want.
- Include a quick diary note with each measurement.
- Generate and export your weight report.

Write access to external storage is needed to create a "25MinuteJourney" folder and export your Fitness Reports and STATurday data reports to this folder.

**If you are experiencing any issues with the app please email.

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