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Modern galaxy combat is a space combat as well as spaceship simulation game. Immerse yourself as a pilot in spaceships war of clans. Discover solar systems, defend your space stations, and shoot down enemy pirate spaceships. Play a frontline key role by attacking the enemies in a vast galaxy. A wide variety of fighter space ships and crafts and available. Powerful and advanced shooting space ships carrying weapons will amaze you. Mega corporations, more powerful than any galaxy space ships, compete against each other in a race for the galaxy's vast resources and treasure. 8 different thrilling missions to check your nerve control and shooting skills. Stunning game graphics and smooth game play will take you to real life space battle zone. . Wipe out enemy’s space craft’s with different intricate weapons like missiles and immersive campaign tactics. Consequently are you ready for the treacherous and brutal space warfare? Brawl for your honor, self-esteem and victory!!
How to play
- Move spaceship by virtual joystick, half left side is dedicated for movement..
- Tap on bullets icon to fire bullets.
- Tap on missile icon to fire missiles.
- Press auto guide missile to launch auto guided missile on enemy’s chopper.

- top free galaxy space shooting game.
- game supports all android devices.
- Kill enemy’s space ships to accomplish mission at the end you will be rewarded by gold coins.
- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing destruction effects.
- Multiple advance shooting and fighter spaceships.
- Thrilling missions that will amaze you.
- Brutal Action warfare game.
- game with User friendly GUI and controls.
- A vast galaxy with over 20 star systems and many planets and space stations
- Good quality sound effects used in the game.
- Efficient weapon controls & movement.
- Best downloading space ship shoot war game in gaming world.
- Real galaxy environment.

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