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This is a game created for Singapore schools to help students understand and manage the issues they face online.
The main character, Collin is a friendly and helpful student in a Singapore school. His classmates feel comfortable talking to him when they run into difficulties online, e.g., excessive gaming, buying things online safely, cyber bullying and caring for their friends’ online safety. 

In this game, you will take on Collin’s identity and go through scenarios where you can decide whether or not to help your friends. The game will unfold based on the decisions you make. Sometimes, you can enter Brain World to complete mini-quests. These quests help you to gain tools and knowledge to manage these online challenges. Start the game now! 

Important instructions that you should read before downloading and playing the game:

1. Ensure that you have the password to unlock each scenario. This password can be obtained from your teacher.

2. Remember to email a copy of the Scenario Completion Certificate to your teacher upon completion of every scenario.

You may refer to for more information on the game.

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