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About My Car Locator

Huge parking lot with many entrances?
My Car Locator is used to remember your parking by remembering your position.
Just press the green button from your "Wear Device" or "Phone" or "Tablet" to record your current car location, and before you are back to your car, press the pink button to remind you where your car is and guide you to it.

Wear support:
Please note that retrieving location from wear will display the location on phone.
Wear application will be installed on your watch once you install the app on your handheld device.
Currently you can save/retrieve your location from your watch, and view map on your handheld device.
Soon there will be a feature to view map on watch.

My Car Locator is free and handy! try it now!
* This app requires Google Play Services, make sure you have latest version on both phone, and watch *

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