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Evil wizard corporation put the spell on the people around the world to make them not understand good music.
Old and grumpy people were the weakest ones, and took that idea very seriously.

The Evil wizards command them to fight against good music and to destroy it, so they can wash out more and more people's brain and to live happily ever after in the world of banality.

But guess what, the war is not over yet, old grumpy people don't like loud music and positive vibrations.

This is our chance to save the world...and to defend our right to live like a rock stars...

Play it as loud as you can...fight against them with the power of ROCK and become real Guitar Hero!

P.S. Rock is not dead yet \m/ Enjoy!

Game features
-2 modes for attack (Normal or splash damage)
-2 modes for defence (Slow down enemy attack (poison) or push back enemy) (Note: Old redhead teacher doesn't like to be pushed around).
-2 powers (Quake and Freeze)

Note: Game uses Scoreloop service for score table which is optional feature if you want to share your scores with others.

Quick Stats

5 years

since last update

3 years

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