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Welcome in Raft Hero Survival Mission game. It is rescue and escape story of raft hero with his wilder animal Lion and pet deer or goat with fodder. It is not only raft survival sea escape story but raft hero survival mission in from sea monster and sea storm. This is ultimate traditional riddle or puzzle game of raft man who is superhero, with his lion, goat or deer and their fodder.

In this raft hero survival mission; you are raft superhero and have to transport all your wilder animal, deer and fodder but wisely. In this raft superhero simulation game, the riddle is to reach to destination in this way that you can take only two things along with you. It is up to you as a raft man, a raft superhero or hero of this puzzle game how to transport your animals and fodders.

You have to transport all three things, lion, goat or deer and fodder. But remember it is not raft transport game as your raft is not designed to transport all three at one time. As this is a raft hero survival mission game and your mission is to transport all these three but maximum you can transport two things on your raft in raft hero escape story game.

You have following options to transport on your raft:

1. Lion and fodder
2. Goat/dear or fodder
3. Lion and goat

As your raft survival is important as it can bear only limited weight. Ultimate raft survival story involves with lion, deer and deer food. You have to take all of them one by one and escape deer from lion attack. Your lion is a wild angry lion and his angry lion attack will hunt deer; but ultimate deer hunting is not aim in this raft heroes game as this is not deer hunting – sniper shooting game, wild lion wants deer hunting but you have to decide wisely. If you leave deer and fodder, then deer will eat up all fodder. But you have to transport all these three successfully without lion attack on deer or deer eat up fodders.

Think, Note & Play this Raft superhero game in your own style and plan to resolve this puzzle game.

Following are main features of this ultimate raft hero survival mission or real raft heroes’ sea escape story game:

* Attractive 3D realistic sea, offroad countryside environment.
* Different 3d models of rafts, raft superhero, lion, deer, goat, villages and goat fodder.
* Attractive background music and sound effects.
* Stunning & High Quality 2D Graphics & UI

Thanks for download ultimate raft hero survival mission and escape story and please send your valuable comments to improve its quality. For more detail you may visit our Facebook page: molevstudio

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