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*** Run Away for your Lives, but Run with Style!!! ***

Molly is the world's only 'Space Sheep Astronaut', and she is in TROUBLE!

While exploring the Moon, Molly is welcomed by an enraged alien. Time is RUNNING OUT! Molly must run back to her spaceship at all cost before she becomes lamb chop for her new found "friend".

But Molly does not just run away like a chicken - she's a sheep! Even in the most dangerous situation, Molly is able to glide her way back with STYLE by 'Moon Running'... LIKE A BOSS.

Game Features
- Simple to play, easy controls to jump and slide.
- The 1st backward running game - Molly runs backwards, so she can always see how far the alien is.
- Automatically track high scores.
- Compare scores with your friends, and see who has the fastest fingers.
- Great tempo music to go with the speed of the running game.

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