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Momentum Tracker is your training companion for endurence sports like biking, running and hiking.

Easily back-up and sync your data via Google Drive. Export and share in open standard file formats¹ or as Drive link. Maintain all rights of your data.


The dynamic user interface adapts to your needs and is easy and fun to use:

• Innovative dashboard for live data monitoring
• Designed for best legibility under the worst conditions like Downhill Biking
• Built-in GPS status monitor*
• Show-when-locked mode*:
•• Save battery - display off/on without having to unlock the phone each and every time
•• Keep the display on while using the app with the peace of mind of having your phone locked

Enjoy the best map experience in any fitness app ever:

• 3D experience: maps can be tilted and rotated with easy gestures
• 3D buildings in Google maps
• Automatic center and rotate* modes
• Online maps: Google and OpenStreetMap
• Mapsforge offline vector maps. Download links to awesome free maps can be found within the app.

External sport sensors*:

• This application is ANT+™ certified and complies with the following specified ANT+ Device Profiles²:
Heartrate, Stride based speed and distance, Step count, Bicycle speed, Bicycle distance, Bicycle cadence, Combined Bicycle Speed and Cadence

Data types:

• Cadence (bike, run)³, Strides³, Heart Rate³ (bpm, R-R, %Max, %HRR)
Calories, Calorie Burn Rate, Training Intensity* [%VO2Max]
Distance, Duration, Pace, Speed
Elevation (supports barometric sensors), Elevation Gain, -Loss, Grade, Vertical Speed
• statistical (min, max, avg), current and previous lap* values

Get the best out of your data:

• The most accurate algorithms available ensure responsive and reliable data
E.g., Calorie and training intensity calculations are based on latest scientific publications, taking into account all available data like heart rate, VO2Max, speed and grade.


• Hideable logger control avoids accidental clicks
• Fast activity type switching with category selector and indoor/motorised switches
• Auto-Laps (distance or time)*
• Smart Recording
• Auto-Pause with Smart GPS Suspend:
no more manual pausing - dedicated moving timer tracks only active time, GPS is off while not needed
• Audio announcements
• Multi-sport support: changing activity type while logging automatically starts a new lap*
• Track the time spent and Calories burned in your fitness activities, even without GPS for 24/7 usage


• Activity statistics
• Display single activities on a map and show fitness data for each lap
• Sync, file export¹, or share your activities
• Play your GPS tracks in Google Earth (currently not working with new Earth V8)

You can use Momentum Tracker with a reduced feature set for free. If you like it, become a premium user to unlock all features and remove ads per in-app subscription.


• Read the user's contacts data
Needed to auto-complete email addresses for sharing purposes. Contacts data will never be read without the user actively using this data within the app, and the data will not be used for any other purpose.

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(1) currently supported export file formats:
location only: gpx
location and full sensor data: kml, csv, tcx

(2) See for a list of available devices, including Garmin sensors and Android phones which support ANT+ out of the box. Many other Android devices can be upgraded by plugging a standard ANT USB2 stick into the USB host port; Momentum Tracker will detect it immediately.
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(3) external sensor needed

(*) Only Premium users

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