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Your family is going to have a wonderful party tonight! As the dutiful daughter, you’ll dress up in your best outfit and get ready to have a great time with your family.
Just because your family is throwing the party doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take some care with your appearance. Your family throws the best parties. All of your friends say so, and they love when they get a chance to come over for one. You love getting ready for one of your family’s parties. It’s always an opportunity to go to the salon for a new trendy makeover. Be sure to dress up in a high fashion outfit that makes you feel and look good.
How to Play:
• Your family is going to throw a party tonight!
• You’re very excited about getting ready
• Take a day at the salon
• Give yourself a makeover
• Dress up in a trendy fashion outfit
• Enjoy the party with all of your family like a good daughter
Being the daughter of a family that likes to have fun is a great way to grow up as you just never know what to expect next. Tonight is a party! Download today to get started.

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