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Is this the new type geometric puzzle like rubik cube !?
3D puzzle game ! Challenge with your memory and spatial perception !

=== How to play ===
The triangle tiles of various color are put on the ball.
You tap a tile then the adjoining tiles move clockwise.
You repeat this operation and make pentagon of one color.
If all pentagons complete, it is the finished.
- By dragging the screen, the ball rotates.

=== World score ranking ===
Fewer tap count and short time generate higher score.
Register your score on leaderboard.

=== Levels ===
If you are full of confidence. You can start also from hard level.

=== Save ===
You can continue from a halfway, even if the application have been closed.
-- By "retry" or "restart", the save-data will be reset.

=== Hint ? ===
Small hint is in some stage. Please look it.

-- Tile comes back at 3 times.
-- Tapped tile does not move.
-- Learn some pattern.
-- Forecast the figure of several moves.
-- Stuff with the same color as possible.
-- Work in the large space near the end.

"HARD 12 COLORS" is main in the DODECA STELLA.
But, as this is difficult, you may start from easy level of few colors.
You will learn the trick and try to complete "HARD 12 COLORS".

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