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Has your Android device become slowing down and lack of storage space?Turbo Clean is a free,tiny and smart optimization app. With its help,You can boost Memory(RAM), free up storage, uninstall unwanted apps ,boost games,lock apps and so on. This accelerator will make your device run as a new one.
Feature Highlights
★ Junk Cleaner - Powerful clear master, intelligent space saver
Turbo Clean can help you free up precious storage space and also optimize the performance of your phone by intelligently scanning the junk files such as cache, thumbnail files, temporary files, residual files, obsolete apk files and other big files.It will clear these useless files for you with only one tap.
★ Memory Booster - The best accelerator
Turbo Clean can speed up your device by at least 50%, kill background processes and stealthy running apps.With its help,your phone will be in the best state and you will be in the best mood .Maybe you will do better with your work from now on!So I bet it is worth a try!
★ App Manager - Smart Commander
The Cleaner & Booster will help you uninstall unwanted apps and clear obsolete apk files to optimize the usage of ram space.
★App Lock - Easily protect your privacy
App lock is here for you to protect your privacy.You can set numeric code or gesture code for some sensitive apps,settings,your messages,videos,gallery,chat record with the girl or boy you like ,and some other small secrets .So there is no need to worry about they will be snooped any more.Also you don’t have to worry about unapproved setting changes,game downloading,app uninstall,or 3G/ 4G network use.
★Notifications Gather - Smart notification manager
You can choose less important apps to prevent notifications from them.This function will give you a cleaner notification bar.you will love the non-disturbing use environment.And you can clean all notifications with just one tap.Also,you can tap into some notifications to know more details and delete them one by one.
★Smart Booster -Speed up your phone even when it is locked
Turbo Clean can find what you don’t need and clear these garbage for you without your order.Just leave your phone alone.The accelerator will help you scan all the junk files and then clear them for you.
★Turbo Widget - Floating quick menu in desktop
Turbo widget is a assistive floating quick menu in desktop to help you quickly lock the screen, easily start or stop your WIFI,data and flashlight,and also quickly set your phone.This floating ball can protect your physical keys,let you easily set your phone and quickly enable your tools.
★Power Saving Mode - Great battery saver
Turbo clean will send you a notification when your phone’s power has decreased to a very level.If you tap this notification,it will automatically start the power saving mode for you.At the same time,it will provide the quick charging service for you.After you charge your phone,the power saving mode will be off automatically.
★Smart Lock - Quick charging service
You can enable smart lock when you are charging your phone.It concludes three parts,namely quick charging,continuous charging and trickle charging.This will help you save so much power that the charging will become faster and faster.
★CPU Cooling - Smart CPU cooler
If you enable the CPU cooling function,turbo clean will help monitor the temperature of your phone. It will clean up some high power consumption apps to cool your phone.This can keep it running normally.
★Other functions - Your smart reminder
It is also a smart reminder for you.It will remind you when you are charging for your phone,when it has low battery,and when memory is overused.How smart it is!
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Your feedback will help us go further: moncat39@gmail.com.
Turbo Clean is strong and tiny within only 2MB size.It will guard your device and make it faster and faster.

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