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Moneythink challenges you to prove your financial skills!

Each week, Moneythink will throw down a new challenge designed to help you become a master #moneymaker and #moneymanager. You’ll complete each challenge by sharing updates – pictures or posts – in the challenge room news feed so the rest of your class (and your Moneythink mentors!) can applaud you along the way.

You’ll also earn points for each challenge you complete. Those points earn you bragging rights and, of course, the knowledge that you are a master #moneymaker and #moneymanager in training.

Each challenge is different. Some are more difficult than others. Some earn you more points than others. And some will give you the chance to snap a selfie wearing #bizcasual work clothes, while others will ask you to show us a #spendingsmackdown, when you've resisted an impulse buy, among other things. Keep an open mind and prove your financial skills!

NOTE: This application is designed specifically for use by youth within the Moneythink program (

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