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Tap words to hear them spoke in Mohawk (Kanien'kehá) dialects by male and female speakers.

* 300+ Translations with Audio.
* Male Audio option.
* Female Audio option.
* Mohawk words are categorized.
* Search each category of Mohawk (Kanien'kehá) words.
* Categories: intro, basics, thanksgiving address, clans, dates, months, family, seasons
* Use this app while offline.
** need to be online the first time you use this app to register or login.

* Contact software developer to request new words, phrases, and categories.

Tap to hear the Mohawk words and phrases to practice and gain confidence to speak Mohawk language words and phrases with your favorite fluent speakers about months, seasons, days, clans, family, Thanksgiving Address, Mohawk alphabet, vowels, consonants, and diacritics.

No literal translations nor explanations are provided, please do practice speaking out loud every day and discussing the origins of the different pronunciations with your favorite local speakers to learn more about the different dialects and origins of each word.

Mohawk is also called Kanien'kehá and considered an Endangered language because few fluent speakers from all age groups speak it. Kanien'kehá is an Iroquoian dialect.

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