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About Voto+

No hassle. No questions. No splash screens. No Facebook login. No social jibber-jabber. No control. Just beautiful photos.

Lomo photo effects as they're supposed to be. Like a real instant toy camera, each picture you take comes out differently. Light leaks, lense flares, noise, spirit orbs - there's no way of knowing what your photo will look like. There are endless possibilities. Each picture is unique.

★ 12 different instant camera frames, chosen at random
★ 16 different layers of dust, scratches and film noise
★ 50 unique light leaks and spirit orbs
... together allowing for nearly 10.000 unique combinations. Don't like the effect? Roll the dice to create a new result.

If you have Instagram on your phone, you can send your Votos straight to Instagram by the touch of a button, to amaze your fellow Instagram-brethren with lomo effects they've never seen before.


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