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About Monkey King Banana Games

JOIN THE BANANA EATING MONKEY QUEST: MONKEY KING BANANA GAMES! This crazy monkey game trains your brain and reflexes and tests your patience on 9 different levels. Download now!

Welcome to the Monkey Island, the home of the sweetest bananas and crazy monkey games!
Only 1% of players have succeeded to complete this simple game so far. Do you think you have the focus of that one percent? Let us know!


There is a monkey king on each side of the screen and a rotating banana feeder in the middle. Your job in this banana island monkey quest is to make a monkey go happy - focus and aim well in order to throw bananas to monkey kings. If you waste a banana, they will get mad and leave the game, so you need to prepare mentally.


★ Easy to play
★ 9 challenging levels – easy to hard (9th level is endless)
★ To unlock the next level, it is required to complete the one currently unlocked
★ Pink bananas appear in the 4th level and shrink gorilla monkeys into baby size
★ Ticking bombs set to sabotage your monkey quest
★ Simple and addictive gameplay
★ Goofy, funny monkey kings with dozens of interesting outfits
★ Great graphics and flawless functionality

Start your monkey quest on the Monkey Island, play crazy monkey games and become the banana King among monkey kings. Make a monkey go happy in this free monkey game. Banana games like this are usually not brain training games or reflex games. Monkey King Banana Games requires that you focus and engage your hand-eye coordination and patience. Turn on your game mode. No bananas can be wasted. Be the first one to complete the entire game. Play now!

Monkey King Banana Games is developed by Peaksel - copyright 2015.

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