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Human to dog translator (TranslateDog) is a dog-simulator which allows you to
communicate with your dog easily, thanks to the 48 buttons that can make sounds
like barking, howling and moods.

Also uses the dog human translator to translate your wishes into the language of your doggy to understand better what you want to say.

Sounds available:
Yap, screech, howl, yelp, groan, grunt, snort gasp, sigh, Beep, Thirsty, Blow, Puzzled, cold, hurt, Relaxed, Cheerful, Playing, Hunting, Running, Curious, scared, upset, bored, nervous , depressed, sad, alarmed, jealous, scared, angry, Fearful, Hungry, Angry, Illness, Asleep, + Anger + Happy, + Annoyed, + Jealous, + Furious, + Nervous, + Hunger + Fright, Yap 2, bark 3, bark 4 and bark 5.

Also you can identify the different breeds of dogs with photos and descriptions:
Labrador retriever, bulldog, German shepherd, golden retriever, yorkshire terrier, poodle, beagle, Siberian Husky, Chihuahua mix, boxer, pug, English mastiff, rottweiler, dachshund, Doberman, Great Dane, shih tzu, bull terrier, border collie, cavalier king , French bulldog, cardigan welsh corgi, Alaskan malamute, basset hound, Australian shepherd, English coker spaniel, chow chow, English springer spaniel, spitz, american staffordshire terrier, akita inu, Australian Cattle Dog, Maltese bichon, newfoundland, pointer, English greyhound, Bernese, bichon frize, shetland sheepdog, jack russell terrier, bullmastiff, St. Bernard, staffordshire bull terrier, miniature, German Shorthaired Pointer, airedale terrier, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, affenpinscher, pitbull and shar pei schnauzer.

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