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About Hakuna-Live Streams and Chat

Calling all livestreaming hosts: enjoy broadcasting in video, audio, or with a guest!

Calling all fans: enjoy various mission games and gifting items with your favorite hosts!

Join us in the all-new Hakuna to find your hidden gems.

Unleash your talent on Hakuna and build a tight-knit fanbase.

- HD, lag-free broadcasts will make you feel like you’re chatting IRL.
- Engage with fans through VS Mode games, Mission games, and more.
- From video to audio, mobile to desktop, solo-stream to four guests — the (Hakuna) world is your oyster.

Hundreds of hosts await fans like you to open Hakuna!

- Discover your favorite hosts through customized Feeds and explore filters.
- Support your hosts with a fun gift. Leave a memorable impression and they’ll call you by your name 😉
- Spice up the fun with our occasional Hakuna Official Broadcasts!

Leave a Review!

- Your reviews and shares help us tremendously in improving Hakuna.

Need help, or got feedback?

- Visit help.hakuna.live, or contact help@hakuna.live.

Required Device Permissions:

- Microphone: Captures and delivers your audio to viewers when you host a livestream, or participate as a guest.
- Camera: Captures and delivers your video to viewers when you host a livestream, or participate as a guest.

Optional Device Permissions:

- Storage space: Downloads profile pictures you edited to your device, and to access the saved picture.
- You will still be able to use our service even if you don’t grant optional permissions.

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