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About Mouse in the House™ Prank

Mouse in the House Prank is a prank application that all you pranksters will love it.

Use this app to trick anyone into thinking that something bad is going on at their office or house. It won’t take more than one minute of your time and the look on their face will be priceless.

App features variety of damages types

✦ wild creatures
✦ random people
✦ house damages
✦ fire and smoke
✦ funny objects
✦ wall graffiti

How To Use The App
Step 1. Select or take a picture of the room you plan on using.
Step 2. Apply a damage type
Step 3. Adjust the damage type by using the available tools. Adjust the size, shape, orientation, contrast, brightness, and opacity
Step 4. apply another damage type.
Step 5. Take a moment to enjoy the masterpiece you have created.
Step 6. Send the picture to your friend or family your pranking
step 7. See how thy react and have a good laugh

Mouse in the house is the best prank application that was ever made. It’s perfect to prank your family and friends by making them believe that something bad happened in their house. it is the best prank kit

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