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Ready to enjoy NCLEX® prep? With RN Crush! from NRSNG you can study while having fun . . . and become an NCLEX® master for a fraction of the cost of other preparation apps and programs.

RN Crush! is the first NCLEX® prep game and includes 4 game modes, advanced statistics, rationales, and 3,000+ practice questions (including SATA) more than any other app.

With the full version of RN Crush! you get:

• 3,000+ questions written by RN question writers
• 28 Advanced statistics to help you focus your studies
• 14 anatomical categories and 8 NCLEX® categories
• 4 game play modes so you never get bored
• Save any question for later review
• Share any question via text, email, or social media
• All quizzes are automatically saved to complete or review later
• Achievements to help you continually improve
• Select all that apply questions
• Detailed rationales for each question
• Timer to help you know how long each question takes
• Access to TONS of resources from NRSNG.com

Stop suffering through your NCLEX® Prep!

Take your preparation to the next level and have fun doing it . . . this is THE app for you.
Pass the NCLEX® in 75 questions . . . and start enjoying life.

RN Crush! is an innovative approach to NCLEX® prep, making the old, boring, repetitive method of taking countless practice questions a thing of the past.

RN Crush! makes the perfect complete study buddy. Whether you are in nursing school or days away from taking the NCLEX®, this is the tool for you.

Download today and start enjoying your studies. Perfect for nursing students, RN, BSN, ADN, LPN, and LVN. From your trusted friends at NRSNG. Mastery of the NCLEX® is in your reach.

NCLEX® is a Trademark of the NCSBN who hold no affiliation with RN Crush!

You can contact our customer support team Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm at contact@RNcrush.com

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